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The Vitamin D Lamp, model D/UV-F

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KBD D/UV-F Ultraviolet Lamp

The Ultraviolet Vitamin D Lamp is recommended for those who may not be able to receive either needed sunlight exposures, tolerate or process Vitamin D supplements. 


The fluorescent lamp which produces UV rays similar to sunlight ,helping the body generate Vitamin D without tanning. UV light exposure for health benefits is rapidly becoming more popularity as awareness of the benefits of Vitamin D increases from medical studies and information in the press. Vitamin D is an necessity for bone strength and other health needs. Exposing yourself to the sun gets you more Vitamin D because Vitamin D is manufactured by the skin through exposure to ultraviolet rays.

new vitamin D lampThe KBD D/UV Vitamin D Fluorescent lamp is our latest addition to our product line. It is made in the U.S.A. of sturdy materials for years of easy, safe use. It comes fully assembled and ready to use.  The KBD D/UV Fluorescent lamp is an updated version of our D/UV Ultraviolet lamp utilizing fluorescent technology, specifically formulated to produce Ultraviolet energy in the specific Vitamin D producing range and eliminating any harmful UVC energy.  This product is made to work on all current voltage and will work world wide. 

Vitamin D and Ultraviolet Exposurej0439318

    • Vitamin D is perhaps the single most underrated nutrient in the world of nutrition
    • Vitamin D is produced by your skin in response to exposure to ultraviolet radiation
    • The UVB rays of ultraviolet light (that generates Vitamin D in your skin) cannot penetrate glass.  So you don't generate Vitamin D when sitting in your car or home.
    • It is nearly impossible to get adequate amounts of Vitamin D from your diet.  Ultraviolet exposure is the only reliable way to generate Vitamin D in your body.
    • You would need to drink ten tall glasses of Vitamin D fortified milk each day to get minimum levels of Vitamin D in your diet
    • People with dark skin pigmentation may need 6-10 times as much exposure as fair skinned people to generate the same amount of Vitamin D
    • Sufficient levels of Vitamin D are crucial for calcium absorption in your intestines. Without sufficient Vitamin D, your body cannot absorb calcium.
    • Chronic Vitamin D deficiency cannot be reversed overnight.  It takes months of supplementation and exposure to replenish your Vitamin D supply.
    • Sunscreens block your body's ability to generate Vitamin D by approximately 95%
    • It is impossible to generate too much Vitamin D from ultraviolet exposure.  Your body will self-regulate and only produces what is needed.
    • Vitamin D is "activated" in your body by your kidneys and liver.
  1. How much Vitamin D will I make.
    vitamin-dAn individuals ability for Vitamin D production in the skin by exposure to natural ultraviolet energy varies greatly. Geography, time of day and time of year, all contribute to the variations.

    An individual choosing to use an artificial ultraviolet energy source, also experiences variations in the production of Vitamin D. Contributing factors include the aforementioned along with area of exposure, location of exposure, distance from source, time of exposure, dietary habits, and more.

    The Vitamin D effective irradiance calculations of Our D/UV-F have been performed and compared with the Vitamin D action spectrum yielding an effectiveness spectrum. This indication confirms synthesizing process will occur during exposure to our D/UV-F.

    Without the appropriate clinical studies, it is impossible to determine the amount of Vitamin D being produced. As these trials are completed, our information will be undated.

    It is important to remember, the quantity of Vitamin D produced in the skin when exposing to Ultraviolet light is not an exact science.

    There are many factors in the equation:
    • SKIN TYPE: There are 6 skin types 1 through 6. 1 is albino, then progressively darker through type 6.The majority of the US population is ST 2 and 3.
    • BODY WEIGHT: The larger the person, the longer it takes to produce Vitamin D. Vitamin D is fat soluble, so the more fat the more the Vitamin 'hides' from the production process. Most of our vitamin D requirement comes from exposure to sunlight. In a bathing suit exposure to about 15 minutes of sunlight on a beach in Cape Cod in June at noontime for a white 20 year old adult is Equivalent to ingesting about 20,000 IU vitamin D. Even though aging can reduce the amount of vitamin D the skin can produce by as much as 70 % in a 70 year old adult the capacity to produce vitamin D is so high that the elderly can still make enough in their skin from sun exposure

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