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The HumanCharger - winter blues and jet lag relief by Valkee

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Bright light has been used as an effective remedy for symptoms such as SAD (seasonal affective disorder) or the "Winter Blues", jet lag, circadian rhythm re-balancing, Sleep Aid, Hormonal aid, and much more. It is mostly administered through the eyes that are known to be most sensitive to light. Individuals are required to sit in front of bright light boxes for at least an hour each day. 

The HumanCharger headset only requires use for just 12 minutes a day.  It helps maintain energy level in such conditions, and improve a sense of well-being.

  • Benefits found when using the HumanCharger :

    • provides a regular daily intense burst of 10,000 Lux of light.
    • emits ultraviolet-free white light with boosted hues of blue, known to be instrumental for our energy, performance and maintenance of the circadian rhythm.
    • HumanCharger headset provides bright light that is safer than the sun.

    Features of the HumanCharger:

    • rechargeable battery.
    • comfortable LED earbuds
    • HumanCharger is the only bright light you can carry in your pocket

    • With a frame built from a single piece of aluminum, the device is hard wearing and virtually indestructible.
    • a sleek, small award-winning design with one-button functionality.
  • Some Testimonials (most are from

  • on September 4, 2015
    Color: Silver
    I have the first model and it still works perfectly. I have the worst case of S.A.D. Starts as soon as Sept and lasts well into spring and in the summer starts during a few days of rain. I have tried every medication and light therapy. The only thing that has helped me is this Valkee. It is good news to hear the Neuroscientist review that it works with the Vagus Nerve thru the ear canal, as I also have S.I.B.O. caused by lack of motility by the Vagus Nerve. Makes me wonder if the light affects the microbes in the microbiota, thus the cessation/minimization of my sugar cravings as a result of using the Valkee. I did get slight headaches and a little dizzy at first as I adjusted to the light. But the effects were only for a few days and were much less bothersome than any antidepressant medication I had tried previously. Now all I feel is warm and cozy and more alert using the Valkee. I highly recommend this product and if you have trouble adjusting to it, just use it for a few minutes a day, increasing the amount of time slowly until you can do the entire 12 minutes with no challenges. It is well worth the effort!

  • on August 26, 2015
    Color: Silver
    This appears to do a lot more than treat jet-lag or the winter blues. I am using it to see what it does for energy and it has significant effects of rapidly improving energy. I have tested it on several patients and initial responses have been quite positive for migraine, TMJ pain, myofascial pain. As a neuroscientist I believe it is working on branches of the vagus nerve that are located in the ear canal. The light is powerful and if shined on the fingertip side of the thumb shines bright red through the opposing nail. I also wonder if stimulating the vagus nerve with light or alters the brains autonomic responsiveness. Whatever is happening it has interesting effects, at least initially on a fairly large number of people. Some do not respond at all, but this is the rather small minority.


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