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BioPure’s CzagaTM (pronounced ‘chaga’) is made from the fungus, Inonotus Obliquus. This mushroom grows as an irregularly formed mass of mycelium, resembling burnt charcoal, on the bark of birch trees in Siberia, Russia, eastern Europe, and some parts of the United States and Canada. Chaga has been revered as a medicinal substance for centuries (Mu 2012). The most common way it was used traditionally was to boil it and create an aqueous extract. It was considered a cleansing and disinfecting substance (Lemieszek 2011) and was used internally and externally as a remedy for bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic infections, and to help heal injuries and rashes. It was also commonly used for treating diabetes, hypertension, stomach ulcers, and other gastric disorders.

Chaga mushrooms have been found to contain a wide variety of biologically active compounds and secondary metabolites (Zheng 2010) including triterpenoids such as inotodiol, lanosterol, and betulinic acid, sterols such as ergosterol; melanins, phenolic compounds, polysaccharides, vitamins, proteins, and more.

Numerous studies have been carried out with Chaga extracts and components. The melanin complex of Chaga is believed to exert genoprotective effects (Bisko 2002). Cognitive functions, such as learning and memory in mice were enhanced in response to treatment with an extract of Chaga (Giridharan 2011). DNA damage and fragmentation was reduced in lymphocytes of humans with inflammatory bowel disease (Najafzadeh 2007). Restorative effects on pancreatic tissue of diabetic mice suggests Chaga’s antioxidant and antihyperglycemic effects (Sun 2008). An aqueous extract of Chaga reduced nasal inflammation and significantly inhibited membrane fusion of Herpes simplex virus (Pan 2013). Chaga’s polysaccharides have been found to promote macrophage scavenging activity, stimulate immune responses, and have significant antioxidant activity (Kim 2005, Won 2011, Cui 2005, Zheng 2011, Mu 2012).

The processes of aging, inflammation, and susceptibility to various diseases, have all been related to free-radical induced damage at the cellular level (Gemma 2007). Oxidative stress is also indicated in the growth of many cancers and Chaga has stimulated numerous studies in this area. Betulinic acid inhibited growth in human melanoma cells by inducing apoptosis (Mullauer 2010, Fulda 2008). Hot water extract of Chaga mushroom similarly suppressed the proliferation of human colon cancer cells (Lee 2009).  Inotodiol showed an antiproliferative effect in mouse leukemia cells (Nomura 2008). The fact that Chaga produced little or no toxicity in any of its experiments makes it well-deserving of further study for its promising anti-cancer therapies and other health benefits (Lemieszek 2011).

BioPure’s CzagaTM is a freeze-dried extract of 100 percent organic wild Inonotus Obliquus, and is not produced from cultivated sources. It is sustainability harvested from fungi growing on wild live birch trees in severe northern climates. This maximizes the availability and potency of the beneficial bioactive ingredients. BioPure’s Czaga™ makes a delicious vanilla flavored beverage. Some people use is as a substitute for coffee.

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