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Full Spectrum Light


Electromagnetic Spectrum


In the 1960s, photobiologist Dr. John Ott coined the term “full-spectrum lighting” to describe light sources emitting a full spectrum of natural light, which included both ultraviolet and visible light, and promoting the same health benefits of sunlight in humans, animals and plants.

Article from Dr. Mercola.

"Scientists have discovered a new receptor in the eye that, among other things, monitors your biological clocks.

Apart from the other photoreceptors in your eye that allow you to see, this "third eye" responds differently to light by sending signals to your brain's hypothalamus, thus regulating your production of melatonin, which in turn controls your body's circadian rhythms.

Researchers experimented with lamps emitting different wavelengths of light on workers toiling in the high-stress environment on one floor of a health insurance call center. In comparison to co-workers on other floors, they felt more alert, and the quality of their work improved too."


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Lumichrome 40W-1XC 5000K 96CRI

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