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Prepare Your Skin for Back-to-School

August is like the Sunday of summer. With school just around the corner, what are you doing to prepare your skin? Freshening up your wardrobe or buying new supplies, perhaps? But what are you doing to prepare your skin? We get it, skin care routines don’t necessarily correlate with getting back into the school schedule, but we can change your mind.

Sun-kissed skin may darken acne scars. We’re here to make sure picture day goes smoothly and gives your skin a rejuvenated look all year ‘round.

Below are our top 3 devices to achieve that back-to-school glow. Keep scrolling to find an awesome deal.



Our classic Essentials device fits in the palm of your hand, offering a wider treatment area to ward off pesky white heads. Similar to the Poof, all you need is 3 minutes to treat each area. Blue LED lights are known for their fast-acting anti-bacterial properties which will leave your skin clean and healthy.

Full Face Panel

If you’re not messing around with breakouts anymore and want to treat all areas of your face, our Full Face Panel is perfect. It works synergistically with red, amber, and Infrared lights, which also combat aging. Many of our customers prefer the Full Face Panel, as the treatment takes care of it all without having to spend multiple sessions on separate areas.

You should go back to school in style. And that includes a radiant smile.

Acne Spot Treatment

It’s our latest ‘n greatest, the take-it-with-you-anywhere device, Acne Spot Treatment. It soothes and stabilizes oil glands all while killing acne causing bacteria, with a short 3 minute treatment time. Now you can fight acne in between classes or on a study break. DEAL ALERT: We’re taking $10 off the Spot now through the end of September 2017. Use code SPOTb2s at checkout. Get ahead of the curve and set the pace for clear, acne free skin.


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