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Water purification breakthrough revealed: AquaTru countertop water purifier removes 128 toxic chemicals, fluoride, heavy metals and more


(NaturalNews) Last week I published a story promising coverage of an extraordinary water purification breakthrough technology that's about to be released. We've now been given permission to go public with the news on this system called AquaTru.

I've been testing the AquaTru unit in my lab for six months, and in this article I'm publicly sharing my lab results which include astonishing removal efficiency for toxic heavy metals as well as stunningly high removal rates of elements which have radioactive isotopes (such as cesium, strontium and uranium).

In short, as I'll explain here, the AquaTru is now the most innovative consumer-level countertop water purifier available on the planet. It's powered, of course, so it's in a separate category from gravity water filters (such as Big Berkey). But in terms of water purification for your kitchen -- without any plumbing complexities -- the AquaTru is now the water purifier to beat.

Removes over 128 toxic chemicals, gasses and heavy metals from your water

The AquaTru invention meets NSF standards for the removal of over 128 toxic chemicals and even heavy metals from your water. These chemicals include:

• Pesticides and herbicides
• Fluoride
• Lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury
• Pharmaceuticals
• Chlorine
• PCBs and other industrial chemicals
• Perchlorate and rocket fuel
• Dangerous bacteria and superbugs
• Elements which have radioactive isotopes

... and many more.

To test AquaTru myself, I mixed up a concoction of extremely toxic heavy metals and chemicals in the lab. After analyzing the starting concentration of toxic elements via ICP-MS, I poured it into the AquaTru system and let it filter the water. (It filters very quickly ... far faster than gravity water filters.)

I then took the resulting "post-filtered" water and tested it in my lab using an Agilent 7700X ICP-MS instrument, which is a top-of-the-line laboratory instrument used by the FDA, universities and private commercial labs. It's sensitive to single parts per billion concentrations of most elements.

Here are the extraordinary removal results I found when using the full filtration set (including the optional ionic exchange filter element):

Here's the text version of the same numbers shown in the chart:

Aluminum reduction = 92.99%
Copper reduction = 99.79%
Arsenic reduction = 99.90%
Strontium reduction = 98.80%
Cadmium reduction = 100.00%
Cesium reduction = 100.00%
Mercury reduction = 100.00%
Lead reduction = 99.90%
Uranium reduction = 100.00%

These are extraordinary results! I've personally tested the most popular water filter brands on the market today, and almost none of them even come close to these reduction efficiencies.

For example, the Brita water pitcher produced relatively poor results in the same tests:

Aluminum reduction: INCREASE of 33.9%
Copper reduction: 8.6%
Arsenic reduction: 12.1%
Strontium reduction: 3.6%
Cadmium reduction: 6.6%
Cesium reduction: 9.5%
Mercury reduction: 74.6%
Lead reduction: 14.1%
Uranium reduction: 10.0%

This means if you're using a Brita water pitcher, you're not getting much removal at all for some of the most toxic elements and chemicals!

In fact, the Brita water pitcher actually increased the aluminum concentration in the water!

How the AquaTru purifier works

The AquaTru water purifier is not a gravity filter. Rather, its revolutionary patent pending TruPure technology is a proprietary form of RO that's four times more efficient than professionally installed under-the-sink RO and it requires NO PLUMBING.

If you know about reverse osmosis systems, you know that they usually require extra plumbing connections and lose around 80% of water down the drain during the filtration process:

But with AquaTru , almost no water is wasted! The TruPure technology recycles the water back into the filtration system, resulting in significantly reduced water waste.

Due to the extreme drought now hurting California and other states, it is very important that we don't waste water. AquaTru conserves water while it purifies it, delivering every possible drop while almost completely eliminating every toxic chemical or heavy metal that your water might have originally contained.

Once the water is purified, you can remove the water receptacle from the system and place it in your refrigerator for cooling. It even has a convenient water dispenser to fill glasses, cups or bottles with the purified water. The display on the unit also keeps track of the life of the 4-stage filters, reminding you when to replace them (which for the average family of four should be around every two years).

Remarkably, this is all achieved in a gorgeous countertop unit that has no plumbing requirements. The unit is portable, so you can take it anywhere. The fantastic industrial design makes AquaTru cosmetically appealing in any kitchen or office, too. (I plan to put a new one in my own kitchen, since I can't use the one in my lab as it's contaminated with toxic elements... dang...)

There are no batteries, either: the  AquaTrusimply plugs into a standard electrical outlet. It uses only about $2 of electricity a year. Because it works off a 12 volt adaptor you can also use it in an RV or Camper with an optional adaptor. Its internal pump is extremely quiet, too. (It's hard to hear this unit operating even when you're trying to...)

Click here to order the AquaTru water purifier

Help stem the tide of 50 billion plastic bottles a year...

One of the most important benefits of the AquaTru system is that it makes commercial bottled water obsolete. You can now produce bottled-water quality water for mere pennies, right in your own kitchen with the AquaTru.

By using the AquaTru to refill existing bottles and water containers, you are helping halt the continued trashing of our environment with plastic.

Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Nestle produce billions of plastic bottles each year, earning profits from their sale and distribution... but they do almost nothing to clean up all that trash after profiting from it. Sadly, landfill operations all around the world are being filled up with plastic bottles that take almost 500 years to decompose.

It's time that all of us stopped contributing to that problem. If we are to live in a sustainable, ecologically-sound way, we have to reduce our trash production and conserve resources like water. Phenomenally, AquaTru helps you accomplish both! You'll avoid buying and wasting water bottles at the same time you conserve water with the highly-efficient TruPure filter technology that was invented by the AquaTru folks.

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