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Light therapy to help treated Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD or the "Winter Blues" was founded by Dr. Rosenthal several decades ago.  It was based an individual sitting in front of a light box.  The key to the light box was the high intensity.  Dr. Rosenthal found that 10,000 lux actually helped in suppressing the symptoms.  It was based on sitting in front of this light for a period of time, say 1/2 - 1 hour.  The boxes at that time were rather large and bulk.

Since then, much progress has been made in the size and type of light used.  The NEW Aurora LightPad Mini achieves all of the requirements of a big and bulky unit.  This little unit is so light and portable that you can take it anywhere.  It is also more powerful than those dinosaurs of the past.  The new LEDs allows for a lifetime of use without having to replace any of them.  They are long lasting.  For information, please visit, Aurora LightPad Mini.

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