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How To Face Up To Acne-Scarred Skin

Confidence comes down to how comfortable we feel in our own skin. So it’s no wonder that so many people are significantly affected by the skin damage caused by acne, other skin conditions and even sun damage. Up until recently, the options for improving skin elasticity and boosting skin regeneration were very limited. But now people affected by acne can treat both their skin condition and it’s confidence-depleting after-effects in the privacy of their own homes.

At home with happier, healthier skin

Blue and red light is now proving to be safer and easier acne cure and a more effective answer to treating scarred or damaged skin. It is a light treatment lamp which has been proven to harness light wave technology to kill Propionibacterium acnes and actively reduce acne scarring. This LED skin rejuvination option puts advanced technology into the hands of anyone affected by the physical and emotional effects of acne-related skin damage or sun damaged skin.

Nice and natural

Skin repair treatments have traditionally focused solely on antibiotics to address the core acne issue, without addressing the long-term impact of skin scarring and damaging. Users of the this light have found that they can improve skin texture and boost skin regeneration in a totally natural way, just by sitting in front of their Britebox Dermaclear for 15 minutes a day. One Customer says “the light box, was a godsend, and only a couple of weeks from starting using it, lots of people started to say not only had my problem skin cleared up but the condition of my skin, was looking better than it had.”

Facing up to damaged skin

As acne home remedies go, more and more people are recognising the benefits of the Britebox Dermaclear. Instead of putting more products onto damaged skin, customers have discovered that they can effectively treat acne and it’s confidence-busting side effects with no fuss, no painful treatments and no visits to the doctor or dermatologist. While the Britebox Dermaclear only uses natural benefits of light, users don’t have to wait a long time for results. Most people see a visible result in their skin rejuvenation in just four to eight weeks, though many notice a change in as little time as three weeks. Whether users of the Britebox Dermaclear are looking for a home acne treatment or a way to treat acne scars, they soon start to notice what they really want to see – clearer, more beautiful skin and more confidence, inside and out.

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