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Blue Light Therapy by Apollo Light Therapy

How blue light therapy helps motivates a person to rejuvenate energy Light therapy has been recognized as a breakthrough to help fight against several medical conditions including SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is best treated with natural sunlight, but obviously, sunlight is not available in some parts of the world all year round. This condition usually occurs starting from fall to winter and ends at summer. The body is believed to be complex and  full of different energies that have to be in correct proportions. Imbalance in the energy levels means imbalance in the person’s health. The only way to...

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Prepare Your Skin for Back-to-School

Prepare Your Skin for Back-to-School Posted on August 16, 2017 by reVive Light Therapy 16 Aug August is like the Sunday of summer. With school just around the corner, what are you doing to prepare your skin? Freshening up your wardrobe or buying new supplies, perhaps? But what are you doing to prepare your skin? We get it, skin care routines don’t necessarily correlate with getting back into the school schedule, but we can change your mind. Sun-kissed skin may darken acne scars. We’re here to make sure picture day goes smoothly and gives your skin a rejuvenated look all...

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Light Therapy Improves Arthritis Dramatically

This article is being reference by the "Red Light Man" Infrared and red light have actually been used clinically for the treatment of arthritis since the late 1980s. By the year 2000, enough scientific evidence existed to recommend it for all arthritis sufferers1 regardless of cause or severity. Since then there have been several hundred quality clinical studies trying to refine the parameters for all joints that can be affected. The effectiveness can be quite profound in some people, as this news report shows: Read More ...

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Red light therapy revolutionary for oral health

Oral light therapy, in the form of low level lasers and LEDs, has been used in dentistry for decades now. As one of the most well studied branches of oral health, a quick search online (as of 2016) finds thousands of studies from countries all over the world[1] with hundreds more every year. Read more ...

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Light Therapy for Acne

Light Therapy for Acne Download PDF Copy By Dr Tomislav Meštrović, MD, PhD Light therapy has become one of the most exciting fields in the biomedical sciences. Applications of intense pulsed light and lasers play an important role in clinical practice with a growing demand. During the last century, a plethora of light sources were introduced to treat or ameliorate acne symptoms.   Read more ...

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